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Advanced Ammonia Scrubber: Redefining Ammonia Reduction Technology – Eti Bakır A.Ş.

We honor to share the successful testing of latest ammonia scrubber, conducted before its delivery to Eti Bakır A.Ş. Ammonia Facilities. This cutting-edge #scrubber is meticulously designed to substantially reduce #ammonia levels, from 5270 PPM down to an impressive 270 PPM, all while maintaining a steady flow rate of 3385kg/h within the facility. 💯 The [...]

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ESTA Onshore Gas Development (Natural Gas Early Production Facility) Project

Project Overview and Challenge:The Midia Gas Development project (MGD project) aims to extract biogenic marine gas from depths of 70 meters in the XV Midia Shallow region from the Ana and Doina gas fields, approximately 120 km offshore from Romania. The project basically covers the extraction of gas from the sea depth, its transfer to [...]

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Key Design Parameters for Pig Launcher and Receiver Systems in Pipeline Operations

Introduction:Pigging operations play a crucial role in the maintenance and optimization of pipeline systems within the oil and gas industry. Pig launcher and receiver (L&R) systems are essential components used for the deployment and retrieval of pipeline pigs, specialized devices employed for cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining pipelines. This article will delve into the crucial technical [...]

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In Collaboration With SOCAR Downstream From Azerbaijan, We Are Excited To Completion of Deaerator & Feed Water Storage Tank Project

Exciting Project Revealed! In collaboration with SOCAR Downstream from #Azerbaijan, we are excited to reveal a project achievement! Our team has worked careful on the design, material supply, fabrication, #inspection, testing, packaging, and FCA Mersin/ Turkiye for an impressive 2.5 m³ #Deaerator. This piece, measuring Ø1200 mm in diameter and 2000 mm in length, [...]

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Industrial Noise Silencers: Advanced Solutions

Industrial noise can be a real challenge for various sectors, including #power, #oilandgas, #petrochemical, #refinery, and #pulpandpaper industries. At Äager GmbH, we specialize in crafting advanced industrial silencers and mufflers to address these noise-related issues. Our #silencers are carefully crafted using advanced techniques and materials such as acoustic baffles, absorption materials, and expansion chambers. [...]

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Celebrating Success: Delivering Essential Equipment for a Valued Client in the Philippines

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our latest project for a valued client in the Philippines. Our scope of work included manufacturing and delivering essential equipment for the refinery in Limay, Bataan. This encompassed the production and delivery of a #PigLauncher (10"x8"), a #PigReceiver with skids (10"x8"), along with all the [...]

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We are excited to announce that our project with a contractor in Turkey is flourishing

We are excited to announce that our project with a contractor in Turkey is flourishing. We'll be delivering two storage tanks and one pressure vessel, each designed to meet specific standards. Our storage tanks to be delivered are designed according to API650. They are used as acid storage tanks with conical roofs. Pressure vessel has [...]

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