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Skid Mounted Pigging Systems

Skid Mounted Pigging Systems


An Äager Brand ERGIL, has managed to complete design, engineering and fabrication of Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver and RX Quick Opening Closure for Majnoon Oil Field Development Project carried out by Anton. Pig launchers and receivers are one of the most important parts of pipe transfer systems and provide cleaning and inspection of piping transfer lines. Installation of these kinds of parts in the site field, sometimes, can be difficult and overcosting. However, modular process skid is the effective way of installation with providing convenience in transportation, time, cost and control safety risks.

In this project, it is tough to install equipments to the system in the site, since the project is conducted in Iraq which is far away. Mobilization, high cost, safety risk and quality control are also big isssues stem from distance. That is, manufacturing, and building a system on the site is very costly, slow and not safe compared to the well-managed fabrication plant. Investors and contractors are looking for ways to reduce the cost, risks and construction time, thus building industrial facilities with modular skids has become important.


Instead of installation all parts in the site, it is an advantageous choice to install them in the manufacturing facility before transportation. To manage whole process of engineering, fabrication, testing of the products which are pig traps, valves, piping connection instrumentation as mounting them on complete skid is the most efficient way of solving installation problem. In this respect, plug and play systems make installation easier with the help of Ergil’s modular skid packages. To list the advantages of the modular skid system to site erection:

  • As a single source for plug and play systems, modular skid packages come fully built and can be connected together with minimal effort and assembly.
  • The system contained within a framework that allows the processing system to be easily transported.
  • Because of the site conditions, fabrication, erection and installation of any complicated equipment are costlier than modular skids.
  • Controlling safety measures under a roof is always easier than a construction site.
  • Compact nature of skid systems provides easy transportation to the site by road, air or ship.
  • Controlling quality measures under a roof is always easier than a construction site. As oppose to site installation, skids come from a single source, which takes all the responsibility, however, various parties involved in the site installation.
  • In practice, all the modules are designed with an easy access ladder and platform, which helps operators to access easily and safely, whereas site installations are build in a complex manner.
  • Modular skids are designed to be compact and take less space.
  • Designed skid modules with an easy connection methodology. It is easy and fast to integrate with other systems or modules. You can connect / plug and run the system.
  • Tested modules before delivering to the site, so there is not any individual additional test required.
  • Already tested modules can be commissioned after installation and it does not require any specialist.
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