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With a skilled workforce and effective innovation techniques, Ergil has earned a strong reputation for pioneering projects to solve challenging problems in the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and water sectors. 
This time, the company caught the attention of the Taiwanese company CTCI, one of the key engineering, procurement and construction companies of the Asian industrial region, with suitable solutions designed for all kinds of difficult conditions. With its CO2 absorber project, of which the Thai GPSC Group is the end user, Ergil continues to support business partners around the world with its innovation and reliability. With its sensitivity to the environment, the company also aims to reduce water consumption in the sector.


Reliable companion Ergil


The GPSC Group of Thailand, in need of an absorber system that would prevent the flow of carbon dioxide to 5850 m3 capacity demineralized water storage tanks at an ambient temperature of -24.6°C to 55°C, turned to CTCI in Taiwan, one of the main companies in Taiwan Asia. CTCI, the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contractor, who is not very familiar with the product group, worked with Ergil from the very early stages of the project. Ergil technical team, with 40 years of experience in the industry, supported the CTCI company in every phase of the project, which had very few technical details about the product, participated in many technical discussions and developed the detailed product system accordingly.


Challenging project adventure


Ergil's qualified technical staff conducted experiments mainly considering system inlet/outlet water flow rates, operating/ambient temperatures, chemical and physical properties of CO2 gas, and selected the right material with the highest carbon dioxide removal rate. Considering the pollution rate of the surface filler and CO2 gas, the amount of the filler and its service life were calculated. The dimensions and geometry of the unit were determined by an interior design that ensures a homogeneous distribution of the CO2 gas later entering the absorber unit on the surface filling material. In the region where cold weather conditions are operative, the unit has been heat-traced to prevent the surface fill material from freezing and losing its absorbency. The air inlets and outlets were then secured with the pressure relief valve. Control devices and installation conditions were determined. Thus, the quality of the demineralized water was preserved by preventing the entry of carbon dioxide gas into the demineralized water tank.


The CO2 absorber system is environmentally friendly and economical at the same time


Demineralized or pure water, produced and treated for use in a costly and difficult way, is in contact with the atmosphere in the tanks in which it is stored. In the reaction that occurs as a result of this contact, carbon dioxide gas dissolves in water and turns into an ion with a reverse reaction. Ions change the water quality by affecting the pH and conductivity values ​​of the neutralized demineralized water. On the other hand, changing water quality leads to lengthening of the process flow, corrosion in the process line, accumulated chemicals cause clogs in the lines, and long-term water sanitation is repeated. This situation can lead to significant time and financial losses for companies.


Ergil wants to prevent companies from using more water by manufacturing absorber units that absorb carbon dioxide from the air entering the tank, ensuring that the quality of the demineralized water is maintained. The devices, which offer long-lasting use thanks to specially developed materials, also ensure a secure process flow.

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