C.E.O. Message

Highest quality products at optimal prices

2015 has been an interesting year worldwide. We have seen many political and economic events take place that have influenced global industry and the entire world population. Times like these are when risks and uncertainty increase to such levels that old ways of doing business cease to be sufficient. However, there are a lot of opportunities for people, and organizations that are able to adapt quickly to shifting conditions.

At ERGIL 2015 has been a challenging time due to the oil, gas, energy and chemicals industries being effected by the historically low crude oil prices. During times like these companies which stick to their strong core values always prevail and it has been no different for ERGIL.

ceo message

In order to be able to compete better in a slow economy we turned to increasing our Research and Development spend which resulted in entirely new product lines such as our new end-of- line flame arresters. ERGIL has been part of some significant projects in 2015, to name a few we collaborated with Petronas for a major oil field in Gharraf -Iraq , delivered a project with the Government of Eqypt, designed, manufactured and fabricated storage tanks for Iraq’s largest oil field – Zubair Oil Field.

We have also increased our efforts to have our certified product portfolio broadened by having more of our offerings available with ATEX certification. This is always an on-going process where R&D efforts are rewarded by higher quality and worldwide official recognition.

Best wishes for a bright and successful future.

Rahmi Oktay Altunergil , 2016