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Äager Brand ERGIL is Selected by Nigerian Petroleum Development Company to Design and Fabricate Storage Tank External Floating Roofs

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Istanbul, April 27, 2020 - Äager Brand ERGIL, a worldwide leader in engineering, construction and manufacturing for oil, gas, water, chemical and petrochemical industries has been awarded to provide external floating roofs and fire fighting system for Buffer Storage Tank Facility in Nigeria.

ERGIL has collaborated with Nigerian Petroleum Development Company for the engineering, fabrication and supplying of carbon steel external floating roof - galvanized steel mechanical pantograph type primary seal & secondary single wiper seal weighing 132 tons with unique design that provides optimum performance for the crude oil tank with a height of 14 meters and a diameter of 39 meters.

Additionally ERGIL completed carefully and successfully the whole process of engineering, design, fabrication, and supply of carbon steel fixed water/foam monitors, mobile water/foam monitors, fire hydrant valves, aluminum 8’’ gauge hatches, 6'' PVRV with flame arrester, roof drain system – 4’’ CS pipes, manholes for external floating roof pontoons with gasket and bolts fire fighting equipment; fire alarm panel and accessories (fire sounder, flame detector, smoke detector, manual call point, Fire hose cabinet and fire hoses. etc.), fire extinguisher (9 and 25 kg.) chemical foam (AFFF) concentrate, rim seal type foam pourers & foam proportuner (carbon steel), foam bladder tank (carbon steel), storage tanks foam/fire water piping & fittings (carbon steel) site piping & fittings (from foam bladder tank to storage tank) (carbon Steel) for KILO GLOBAL and Nigerian Petroleum Development Company in Nigeria.

ERGIL as a designer, builder and installer of storage tank and storage tank eqipment to the oil, gas, water, chemical and petrochemical industries, has expended much effort to the cause of reducing tank storage vapor losses since 1982. In addition to building fixed roof storage tanks, it manufactures full-contact type internal floating roofs, pontoon type internal floating roofs, and carbon steel external floating roofs, as well as a range of external and internal floating roof seals, weather seals and a rim-seal firefighting system, an essential safety feature. ERGIL is a major supplier of external floating roofs, which fully complies with API 650 standards. ERGIL’s sister company Storagetech™ designs and manufactures external floating roofs accessories and mechanical seals. External floating roofs are used for mainly crude oil applications. External floating roofs are used in tough weather conditions to minimize the lost and for protection. Storagetech™ is also experienced in manufacturing rim seal firefighting system and related parts for external floating roofs. “Thanks to Äager’s 35,300 sqm one of a kind steel fabrication facility in Turkey, Storagetech™ can supply external floating roofs packed and ready for erection in shortest time and minimize site work. External floating roofs is one of the most economical type of floating roof for the crude storage tanks. Storagetech™ external floating roofs, which minimize the evaporation losses of stored products, such as jet fuels, gasoline, diesel, and crude oil, can be offered as aluminum or stainless steel design. In addition to the economic benefits, floating roofs help control hydrocarbon emmision and risk of fire”, says Project Coordinator Kıvanç Çağlar.

“It has been a pleasant experience working with Ergil. The complexity involved in operating in such projects is explicit and usually underestimated, however ERGIL has confidently demonstrated its industrial expertise in developing schedules, and production plans with on time delivery. Our project was complete on time and the quality is a top notch. The pricing is very competitive and the delivery time is very good. ERGIL overcome all the obstacle of being present in one of the most unexplored but potential markets.” says L. Oyeye.

Environment safety is very essential as one hears of catastrophic incidents of explosive gases released into the atmosphere due to improper roofing of the storage tanks. Storagetech™ Floating Roofs provide a solution to this issue in an economical way. External Floating Roof covers major part of the liquid surface, through an effective seal. Storagetech™, a leading supplier of Floating Roofs offers effective solutions for controlling vapour emissions complying with API 650 standards and as confidence, based on almost 40 years of experience!

Watch 3D video about Storagetech™ Floating Roofs.

About Äager

Started its journey in Munich, Germany, Äager was founded to be a core supporter of our customers, whoever requires high quality, affordable, fastest industrial products.

Äager promised to accomplish that by maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards under its brands of ERGIL® and Storagetech™.

Traditionally, oil & gas were Äager’s core business, however, with the time the product needed for various sectors has emerged. Then, Äager found ourselves actively working on alternative energy, power, water & waste-water, marine, and manufacturing sectors. We offer safety, environment, process products and special components for manufacturing.

Future requires products that are manufactured efficiently, with no environmental impact, safe, and affordable. Äager is here to support you for your project needs, wherever it is needed.

27 April 2020
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