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ERGIL Team to complete Integrated Management System Audit (IMSA) once again!

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07.11.2017 – Mersin, Turkey –  ERGIL was born from a firm commitment to provide superior products and services to oil & gas sector all over the world and this purpose required some vital codes of conduct, qualifications, and universal certifications as naturally in itself. These requirements what made ERGIL as an internationally accepted and renowned firm in today's world.

In this month, ERGIL has passed traditional Integrated Management Audit (IMSA) once again smoothly. What is the function of IMSA ? the IMSA is developed to survey and analyze these qualifications and certifications for corporate firms. a great importance to be conducted every year by an official independent institution named as Society of Generale de Surveillance (SGS).

‘Integrated management is a socially defined concept that is interpreted and understood in a variety of ways. It is however widely accepted as recognizing “nonlinear processes and connectivity between problems” in a managerial context. Integrated management has been defined as encompassing the “effective direction of every aspect of an organization so that the needs and expectations of all stakeholders are equitably satisfied by the best use of all resources’. ‘An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organization’s systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives.’

‘With our Internal Management System Audits, we are able to make more effective decisions about the changing trends, opportunities, threats and risks that occur in the business environment. Our total quality management activities, which include our annual inspections, processes, and procedures in-house, increase the effectiveness and productivity of our applications. Our goal is ‘zero’employment-industrial accident, zero ‘minor’ says Ms. Pelin Dorudemir – HSE Responsible for ERGIL.

The IMSA requires the update of certifications such as International Organization and Standardization (ISO) and Occupational  Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS)  every 2 years from all corporate firms which mean audited firms must have these certificates and standards to be approved as an authenticated firm. ERGIL possesses the most of the IMSs such as ISO 9001;2008 (Quality Management System) which we describe as the quality pledge to deliver world-class products, services, and support. ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) to take a significant role in protecting the environment and reducing the negative impacts under the principle of environmental stewardship. OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Certificate) in order to protect employees and provide proper working conditions, free from occupational hazards. These codes and certificates influence all of ERGIL operations.

ERGIL has managed to overcome these major IMSA qualifications for decades with all essential certificates, documentary and official proofs. ERGIL meets these requirements for providing the most reliable service for its employees and its clients. How? It takes time, effort and experience for ERGIL and its dedicated R & D team who work hard to attain these international standards, qualifications and harmonize them with profitable business and social responsibility.



ERGIL is one of the leading engineering companies specialized in design, engineering, and manufacturing of process equipment, pressure vessels, storage tanks and storage tank equipment. Based in Turkey ERGIL has offices in the U.A.E., Azerbaijan, and Singapore.

Since 1982, ERGIL has been focusing on offering high-quality services and products, with professionalism, expertise and customer focused strategies. ERGIL grows rapidly thanks to its growing number of dedicated employees and expanding facilities. ERGIL currently operates in one of a kind 32,000 sq/m manufacturing facility in Mersin, Turkey, which enhances its advanced manufacturing capabilities and services. ERGIL is ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, ASME U-4, S-2, R Stamp accredited and has CE/ ATEX certificates for its storage tank products.

ERGIL manufactures storage tank equipment, such as flame arresters, breather valves, gauge hatches, floating roofs, and floating suction pipe. ERGIL also provides many other products for energy industry including surge vessels, bladder tanks, pig launcher and receivers, heat exchangers, geothermal power plant silencers, weir boxes, separators, oil and gas storage process tanks, filters and firefighting systems.

ERGIL has developed an excellent reputation internationally in the industry due to its total commitment to quality in every aspect of the business. Beginning with raw materials through process production and delivery, ERGIL has always insisted on the highest possible quality associated with the product lines.

07 November 2017
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