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Anton, one of the leading oil field operators, selects Äager Brand, ERGIL to provide Skid Mounted Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver

Anton, one of the leading oil field operators, selects Äager Brand, ERGIL to provide Skid Mounted Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver

Istanbul, December 04, 2020 - An Äager Brand ERGIL, a worlwide leader in engineering, construction and manufacturing for oil, gas, water, chemical and petrochemical industries, has managed to complete design, engineering and fabrication of Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver and RX Quick Opening Closure for Majnoon Oil Field Development Project, which is one of the biggest oil fields in the world.

ERGIL is known one of the most experienced and professional pig launcher & pig receiver and quick opening closure manufacturer in the world. Pipelines are basis of the oil and gas industry and they are primary transportation system for crude oil, natural gas and refined product. However, building a pipeline network is an expensive investment. Maintaining this investment well and following its security is an important issue. One of the most important tools used in the protection and observation of this important investment is pigging systems; the pig launchers and receivers. Besides, launching and receiving pigs under pressure is a very critical operation and has to be handled with care and appropriate equipment.

Pig launchers and receivers are one of the most important parts of pipe transfer systems and provide cleaning and inspection of piping transfer lines. By increasing the safety and durability of the system allows you to maintain the system easily. By this way, your pipelines meet the desired performance and resistance. Launchers and receivers can be used almost all kind of gas as well as liquid applications and they can be designed to accommodate special pig devices. In addition, pigging is also significant in terms of reducing the environmental impact of batch operations. Thanks to interface produced by modern pigging systems, there is no requirement for chemical solvents and cleaning agents.

Ergil’s Pig Launchers & Pig Receivers are designed to provide maximum performance and manufactured with high technology. Ergil fabricates most advanced skid mounted pigging systems, which includes valve and quick opening closure interlocking system, jacking system, handling system, and trolley, skid mounted mobile pig launcher and pig receiver systems. Thus, it continues to offer solutions to the customers according to their requirements with the products manufactured without sacrificing any quality.

In spite of some procedures and training, human errors are always possible. Potential incident is probable while opening the pig launcher and receiver door. Launcer and receiver vessels can be filled with dangerous liquids and gases and be under pressure. Herein, Ergil has been manufacturing RX Quick Opening Closures (QOC) are highly used for various vessel and pipeline applications such as pressure vessels, pig launcher/receivers, filter separators with vertical or horizontal installation etc.

Anton, one of the leading oil field operators, selects Äager Brand, ERGIL to provide Skid Mounted Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver

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Started its journey in Munich, Germany, Äager was founded to be a core supporter of our customers, whoever requires high quality, affordable, fastest industrial products.

Äager, one of the leaders of the sector with the services, it has provided for almost 40 years, promised to accomplish that by maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards under its brands of ERGIL® and Storagetech™.

Traditionally, oil & gas were Äager’s core business, however, with the time the product needed for various sectors has emerged. Then, we found ourselves actively working on alternative energy, power, water & waste-water, marine, and manufacturing sectors. What we do is offer safety, environment, process products and special components for manufacturing.

Future requires products that are manufactured efficiently, with no environmental impact, safe, and affordable. We are here to support you for your project needs, wherever it is needed.

04 December 2020
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