ERGIL is proud to supply surge vessels to Energy Efficiency Improvement Project in the Jordanian Water Sector

Istanbul, Nov 30, 2018 - ERGIL is supplying 15 high pressure bladder type surge vessels in Jordan. Surge Vessel is a powerful and user-friendly control system that protects your pipeline systems against water-hammer & pressure transient.

“Surge vessels are important assets in the water treatment process,though incorrect maintenance and management can lead to issues in pipelines costs and the water industry millions every year, causing burst pipes, structural damage, negative pressures and colossal water wastage. Negative pressure directly contravenes Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) legislation due to the risk of contamination”, says Husain Ali, product manager at ERGIL 

An Äager Brand, ERGIL is a global specialist in designing, engineering and manufacturing surge vessels with an extensive experience. ERGIL manufactures two types of surge vessei which are categorized as Bladder type and Compressor type  for the water pipeline, desalination plants, crude oil pipelines and other applications. ERGIL provides surge vessels in horizontal and vertical types are available and orifice plates, butterfly valves, level instruments, pipeline etc. are provided as required. ERGIL Bladder Surge Vessel ( also called hammer tank, hydro-pneumatic surge control vessel or expansion tank ) is designed to control the surge with a butyl rubber inside the vessel. In order to provide required elasticity to push the water into the system following a pump trip, calculation of pre-charge pressure will be vital. If there is no contact between the compressed air and the water, there will be no dissolution. In this way, there will be no need for a permanent regulation system including compressors, etc. When the vessel has been stimulated and correct the pre-charge has been introduced, the vessel will operate automatically, depressurizing once called upon and refilling with the return waves until naturally reaching its steady-state balance. The internal bladder is often made from high tensile rubber with or without reinforcements, in Neoprene, Nitrile (Buna-N), Food Grade Butyl or Hypalon Rubbers, or expanded to fit the whole vessel. The bladders are complying with a flange at the top as per client’s vessel details.

What is the purpose of the project?

One of the biggest contractor in Jordan who has successfully executed in the last six decades several projects of varied and complex disciplines throughout the whole country of Jordan. It prides itself for its record of successful and timely completion of all the projects it has been involved in, which fact is officially and widely recognized by its satisfied clients in both public and private sectors.

 “Water needs of the people in Jordan, Water and Agriculture Commission President of the Jordanian House of Representatives, published on November 1998, the water networks, water leaked from the main and the main pipes, the delivery of water and projectors without supervision with an annual loss of 25% and a loss of approximately 950 million m3 per year.”  These quantities show a distribution as follows:


Area of Use

Consumption Rate

Estimated Amount (million m3)


Domestic needs

















These statistics show that the availability of usable water in Jordan is more than the need of the people, but a project is needed to evaluate and regulate their use. We must proudly state that this project by ERGIL aims to keep the pressure in water pipelines stable to solve the water problem in Jordan.



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International Marketing Executive


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