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Storagetech is a specialist designer and manufacturer with extensive experience providing technically advanced full contact and pontoon type internal floating roofs,   and floating roof seals for atmospheric bulk storage tanks and oil-water separators to oil, petrochemical, and chemical industries.



Storagetech Internal Floating Roofs


Thanks to its dedicated Storagetech brand, Äager has been proudly designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality and economical External Floating Roof Type,  Full Contact,  and Pontoon Type Internal Floating roofs to major oil producers and terminal operators in over 70 countries around the globe since 1983.
Our Internal Floating Roofs not only meet but exceed API 650, ASME and SMI standards and eliminating at least 95% of emissions from above ground storage tanks. 
Our  Storagetech IFR products have a proven service life for at least 25 years so our customers can trust us for the durability and quality of our internal floating roofs. 
Storagetech full contact internal floating roofs such as Panel PU and  Megafloat block panels are here to be your reliable solution with the most advanced and efficient type available in our wide product range.
Why? Because they are easy to install just like a puzzle with no gap; eliminates vapour space below the floating roof, maintenance free, durable and maximize structural strength, provides compatibility with shoe seals (standard equipment) decrease vapour loss even further by using tighter, stronger and longer product lifespan
Lower-Emission: ERGIL Internal Floating Roofs reduce emission from the storage tank. The Storage Tank remains covered as the influence of wind, rain and lightning are eliminated. This further reduces product emissions, product contamination by rainwater and the risk of rimfires. This is possible as it is designed under strictest of environmental regulations.
Complies With International Regulations ERGIL Internal Floating Roof complies with API 650 Code and Standard Design. This provides the designer with a selection of allowable stress to suit each design condition, which would be specified by the storage tank owner.
Environment-Friendly Designed to regulate gas venting, Internal Floating Roofs protect the environment by not releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.
Safe Internal Floating Roofs are shop tested to ensure they are leak proof. Quality of the products is tested at the manufacturing facility before the product is ready for shipment.
Economic The reduction in vapor lost makes Internal Floating Roof a very profitable option. Internal Floating Roof is designed to exceed standard life expectancy due to study structure and excellent quality control program. This makes it a very economical option.

Environmental safety is essential and Internal Floating Roof Tanks ensure this. Designed to regulate gas venting, Internal Floating Roofs allow explosive gases to vent into the atmosphere in a safe way. Installed inside the fixed roof storage tanks, they are also an economically profitable option. Covering the major part of the liquid surface and through an effective seal, the emission reduction can be up to 98%. ERGIL, a leading supplier of Internal Floating Roofs offers effective solutions for controlling vapour emissions under its StorageTech™ brand. Complying with API 650 standards, it provides three types of Internal Floating Roofs - Full Contact Type Internal Floating Roofs, Pontoon Type Internal Floating Roofs and Megafloat Block Panel Type Internal Floating Roof

Figures.1.  External Floating Roof, Full Contact Type Internal Floating Roof  & Pontoon Type Internal Floating Roof, Panel PU Type Internal Floating Roof



Leakage problems in industrial containers and tanks have been serious issues over many years and as a responsible firm ERGIL has taken the needed action against emission problem with StorageTech™ products such as MegaFloat Block Panel Type Internal Floating Roof and Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves.

ERGIL Storagetech™ MegaFloat  IFR is designed to meet all standards and specific requirements of the industry, which is demanding safer and efficient ways to operate the tanks with 0 emissions. Manufactured to be installed inside fixed roof storage tanks, it’s a Full Contact Floating Roof with absolutely no gap, thereby reducing emission and restricting vapour build up.

The differentiating factor between MegaFloat and the other Internal Floating Roof is the space, often there is vapor space between the roof and the product which allows dangerous fumes to collect. MegaFloat is designed to be much more reliable than other available Internal Floating Roofs.

Aluminum PanelPontoon Type Floating Roof and innovative technology MegaFloat Block Panel Type.

The products successfully eliminate evaporation losses of stored products such as jet fuels, gasoline, diesel and crude oil. Easy to install and environment-friendly, ERGIL’s floating roofs protect the environment by not releasing toxic gases to the atmosphere. Manufactured in small pieces to fit storage tank manhole covers, it requires no special tool for installation. ERGIL StorageTech™ provides Internal Floating Roof’s design, manufacturing, assembly and after sales support for all types of chemical and petroleum tanks according to the highest industry standards. It is ensured that when the floating roof and vacuum vent sink at the bottom of the tank, the existing fluid runs out without vacuum.

What are the advantages of Storagetech™ MegaFloat IFR?

MegaFloat is welded, ensuring there is no leakage of precious non-renewable fossil fuel and is pre-fabricated at ERGIL’s manufacturing facility in Mersin, Turkey. Storagetech MegaFloat IFR reduces the time taken for installation at the site, leading to the quicker execution of the project. Unlike, the other Full Contact Internal Floating Roof in the market which has a short product lifespan and is non-durable as they are stuck with a chemical to sheets. MegaFloat beats its competitors in the market by being stronger, tighter and one having a longer product lifespan and sturdy enough to store all kinds of fuels. Storagetech cares for the environment and ensures its products are designed and manufactured to serve this objective.


Figures.2. Top view of  Storagetech Megafloat Block Panel Type Internal Floating Roofs 


The main philosophy is boundary calculation which is basically determined as box volume will be sink inside of the liquid and there will be buoyant force upward and normal force acting downward resulted by the weights of the box. Comparing these forces regarding floatation level will be clearly determined and accordingly if required dimension to be rechecked and arranged as per the API650 requirements. We can clearly cover the range of 190 mm gap, however, unless it is required, we can adjust the lesser dimension as per client request. Technical drawings including internal piping such as roof to downward, shell to centre and any obstacles like vacuum breakers, supports, etc.
Each Floating blocks are tested separately during the manufacturing period. Also, leakage test has to be done in each floating block. It is a vital point for the usage of internal floating roofs.  We put measurement item on the block as you can see in the above figures and check if there is any undesirable leakage between plates.
Boxes are bolted each other and between them, the sealant which is made by corrosive resistive material shall be used. All the pontoons shall be manufactured using minimum seam joint. Each one shall   Inside of boxes, there are several mechanisms to support boxes' stability and strength using intermittent welds, therefore there shall be no any structural buckling, deformation or weak point by weight sources.


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