Storagetech™ Tank Vent Dryer with Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves

Storagetech™ Tank Vent Dryer with Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves

Model No:110

Tank Vent Dryers controls humidity. Units can be provided on all StorageTech™’s Vacuum Relief Valves, and Pressure-Vacuum Relief Valves. These are used on storage tanks that contain moisture sensitive products.

The inlet flange of the pressure relief valve raised by the addition of a flanged pipe spool, and a dehumidifier case and cartridge is attached to the inlet of the vacuum relief valve. The assembled valve is installed on a tank roof flange or a vent pipe from the vapour space.

The dehumidifier cartridges / compartments are charged with an absorbent material that requires replacing/rejuvenating at intervals relating to the climatic conditions pertaining to the location of the equipment.

For more information about our CO2 Absorbers and Tank Vent Odour Filter for Storage Tanks, please visit Carbon dioxide absorber with pressure vacuum valve page

The Model 110 humidity control unit can be used with:

MODEL 100 Pressure-vacuum Relief Valve
MODEL 101 Pressure-vacuum Relief Valve
MODEL 120 Pressure-vacuum Relief Valve
MODEL 121 Pressure-vacuum Relief Valve
MODEL 170 Pressure-vacuum Relief Valve
MODEL 190 Vacuum Relief Valve
MODEL 191 Vacuum Relief Valve


Sizes : 2” to 12”       50 to 300mm
Body : Carbon steel, 316 stainless steel
Absorbent : Silica Gel

Design & Manufacturing Specifications

The size of the vent should be calculated in accordance with API Standard 2000 (ISO 28300)

- Venting Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks or other international standards.


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