ERGIL Storagetech™ Rupture Disc

ERGIL Storagetech™ Rupture Disc

Rupture Discs

A rupture disc, also known as a pressure safety disc, burst disc, bursting disc, or burst diaphragm, is a non-reclosing pressure relief device that, in most uses, protects a pressure vessel, equipment or system from overpressurization or potentially damaging vacuum conditions.

Rupture Discs are usually used in petrochemical, aerospace, aviation defence, medical, railraod, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and oil field applications. They can also be used as a complementary device  or a backup device for conventional safety valve; if the pressure increases and the safety valve won’t be enough to operate or relieve pressure fast in expected level, the rupture will burst.  It is designed to burst and protect a site or plant from excessive pressure, or to prevent a tank from being damaged by negative pressure, our harmony of products include forward and reserve acting models, special discs calibrated for extremely low pressures. 
Although commonly manufactured in disc form, the devices also are manufactured as rectangular panels (rupture panels or vent panels). A wide range of sizes can be provided, depending on the industry application. Rupture discs and vent panels are constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, graphite, and other materials, as required by the specific user environment. ERGIL Rupture Discs are often used in combination with safety relief valves, isolating the valves from the process, thereby saving on valve maintenance and creating a leak-tight pressure relief solution.
It is sometimes possible, and prefable for hightest reliability through at higher initial cost, to avoid the use of emergency pressure relief devices by developing an intrinsically safe mechanical design that provides containment in all cases
Design Fabrication and Features 
  • Non-reclosing pressure relief, top-performing  safety product 
  • Can be used in various industries such as petrochemical, aerospace, aviation defence, medical, railraod, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and oil field applications. 
  • Complementary device or backup device for safety valves and protect both ways: against pressure and vacuum 
  • Provides longevity for safety relief valves by isolating the valves from the process
  • Creates leak-tight pressure relief solution 
  • Prefable for highest reliability through at higher initial cost 
  • Intrinsically a  safe mechanical design  provides containment in all cases. Constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel, hestelloy, graphite for aggressive fluids, and other materials as required by the specific use environment 
  • Simple and quick to install 
  • The tradional, time-tested solution  
  • Approved throughout industry and specified in most global pressure requipment design codes such as ASME, PED, etc.

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