Oil,Gas & Water Separator

Oil,Gas & Water Separator

Designed to separate production fluids into their constituent components of oil, gas and water. Oil and Gas Separator is a pressure vessel used for separating well stream into gaseous and liquid components. They are normally installed on a onshore processing station or on Offshore platform like  near the wellhead, manifold, or tank battery.

Gas and Liquid separators are classified as Three phase separator, Two Phase separator, Free Knock out Drums,Flare KO Drum,Degassers,this can be either Horizontal or Vertical.


  • Separator includes (a) primary separation device and/or section, (b) secondary “gravity” settling (separating) section, (c) mist extractor to remove small liquid particles from the gas, (d) gas outlet, (e) liquid settling (separating) section to remove gas or vapor from oil (on a three-phase unit, this section also separates water from oil), (f ) oil outlet, and (g) water outlet (three-phase unit). All mechanical separators are designed and manufactured in-house with highly advanced calculation softwares.
  • Besides the capacity of Incoming Liquids and Gases ,the following fluid characteristics will determine the appropriate separator design:


  1. Gas to Liquid Ratio
  2. Differences in the density between Gas and Liquid as well as difference in density between the liquids
  3. Differences in Viscosity
  4. Operating Temperature and Pressures
  5. Particulate Size
  6. Presence of H2S or CO2
  7. Slug Volumes
  • Adequate vessel diameter and height or length to allow most of the liquid to separate from the gas so that the mist extractor will not be flooded
  • Separator packages usually includes a liquid-level controller and a diaphragm motor valve to maintain steady state liquid level and steady state pressure of the separator is controlled by pressure controller with pressure control valve
  •  Pressure controller with pressure control valve will maintain a steady pressure in the Separator
  • Pressure relief devices
  • ERGIL choose proper internals based upon fluid properties and client requirements to optimize Separator design.
ERGİL Oil & Gas Seperator under construction
ERGIL Oil & Gas Seperator
ERGIL Oil and Gas Seperator on the field
ERGIL Oil & Gas Seperator on the field to be assemblied


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