Piping Spools & Racks

Piping Spools & Racks

Piping design, engineering, and fabrication is an essential part of any project. Site fabrication, quality control and material handling are not easy tasks and cause unexpected delays. Hence, to avoid these delays from happening ERGIL came up with a perfect solution for any project type. ERGIL provides complete design, engineering, material supply, quality control, project management and fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, high alloy, nickel base alloy, low temperature, and duplex grade piping spool with internal cladding or without internal cladding and modular piping racks. ERGIL’s one of a kind fabrication facility provides fully automated blasting, internal and external painting and welding. ERGIL’s pre-engineered piping and pipe rack system enables one to complete a project on time without any quality failures.

All the components of pipe spools; such as elbows, flanges, tees, etc are purchased from approved qualified vendors. Quality Control (QC) department controls every step of fabrication as per approved Inspection Test Plan (ITP) and sometimes third party inspection provides additional services. After final inspection when the material reaches facility, QC departments check the material and certificates for acceptance. Manufacturing process continues as per approved ITP and clients’ special request. After manufacturing, parts are carefully marked and packed for easy transportation and installation. ERGIL also provides qualified, experienced supervisors for installation when required.

          Benefits of Pre-fabricated/Pre-engineered Piping Racks:


  • Fast delivery time.
  • Field welding is not required.Thanks to flange connection,all one needs is nuts and bolts.
  • Easy to install and saves time (All parts are marked and shown in detailed drawings and has lifting lugs or special arrangements).
  • Minimizes on-site quality failure and unexpected delays.  One does not need an additional hydrostatic test on-site.
  • Comes in any shape and design (ERGIL does not follow certain designs for pipe racks, but is capable of fabrication as per client request).
  • Easy to maintain (provides easy access for maintenance).
  • Enables future modifications. There will not be a need to buy new.

Pipe Rack Types:

Pre-engineered pipe racks comes in various design and specification, but most importantly, ERGIL designs any kind of pipe racks as per client requests.

  • Special blasting, painting, coating and galvanized systems.
  • Various pipe loads are available.
  • One, two, three or even more tiers are available.
  • Support for foundation design is provided upon request.
  • Comes with many fittings (nozzles, elbows, flanges, tees tc)
  • Comes with required anchor bolts upon request.
  • Comes with cable channels, kilts, extra supports, upon request.
  • Comes with lighting systems, panels or junction boxes upon request.

Pre-engineered Structures are tested before delivery

Various Designs in Stock Ready for Delivery

Tier 1 Multiple Size Pre-Engineered Pipe Rack System

Special Design Multiple Size Flanged Pre-Engineered Pipe Rack System


Tees for Custom Multiple Pipeline Systems




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