Robust and Efficient Solutions For Offshore Use

Robust and Efficient Solutions For Offshore Use


An offshore platform operating is full of the toughest challenges and any kind of equipment failure could have a huge negative impact on employee safety and lost production.

Offshore engineers and scientists face different kinds of economical and technical issues in designing these platforms.

Conducting operations further away from the coast is a very demanding and labor-intensive process in terms of logistics and operation.

From this point of view, limited space and remote location require the equipment to adapt to harsh environmental conditions.

Cost-effective delivery, efficient and durable products should be provided by experts and experienced people.

Manufacturing operations require high standards of safety and reliability.

Considering oil and gas platforms, what is expected from manufacturers is to provide regular service life and maintenance procedures for each equipment that will last for many years.


Certified High Pressure Pig Launcher & Receiver

ERGIL has been designing and fabricating engineered high pressure vessels since 1982. Pig launcher & receiver is the most important part of the pigging system.

Designing and manufacturing high pressure pig launchers & pig receivers require certain specialization that has to be accredited by industrial authorities.

ERGIL is capable of manufacturing most advanced skid mounted pigging systems, which included a unique jacking system, handling system, and trolley, skid mounted mobile pig launcher and pig receiver systems, environment friendly skid pigging systems.

Pipeline Equipment provides Pig Receiver & Launchers to oil, gas and liquid service and operator companies.

ERGIL provides complete solutions for your pipeline related jobs, such as cleaning, drying, testing and displacement.

Easy to use ERGIL launchers and receivers can be used in almost all kinds of applications.

ERGIL PRL can be designed to accommodate scraper pigs, sphere pigs or “smart” pigs, or any combination of the three. Standard Ergil Pig Launchers & Receivers come with the standard type pig signal /indicator, closure, and nozzles.

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