Denge Tankları

Crucial Part of Your Pipeline Operation Integrity;
Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Stability assured

Pressure controlled

Smooth flows

protected infrastructure

Reliable protection

seamless fluid flow

Industrial Denge Tankları

Crucial Part of Your Pipeline Operation Integrity; Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

ERGIL Surge Protection & Water Hammer System is a powerful and user-friendly control system that protects your pipeline against water hammer & pressure transients for potable water, sea water and wastewater applications.

Water industry is being challenged with water scarcity, increasing construction, break-down, and maintanance costs, therefore continued operation has become more important than ever.

ERGIL Surge Protection & Water Hammer System protects not only humans’ life, but also your pipeline, pump stations, hydrants, valves, and other related equipment.

ERGIL designs and manufactures both bladder type and compressor type surge vessel systems.

Surge Vessels

Certified Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

ERGIL has been designing and fabricating engineered to order high pressure vessels since 1982. Surge vessel is the most important part of the water hammer system.

Designing and manufacturing high surge vessels requires certain specialization that has to be accredited by industrial authorities.

With more than 40 years of engineering experience and the trust of numerous successfully completed projects, we are always at your side.

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Custom-made Modular Skid Systems

Surge Vessel Body (as per ASME, EN or GOST)
Bladder (material is carefully chosen as per the requirements)
Internals; such as vortex breakers, supports, grills
Compressors & Pumps
Level Indicator
Relief Valves
Drain Valves
Control Panel
Skid Mobile or Fixed Frame & Components
Ladder & Platform
Lightning & Earthing

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Best Internal Bladders

Bladders are the most critical part of any air-in & water-in surge vessels. ERGIL’s years of experience, search and development projects help to understand how and what kind of bladder vessel to use. Choosing the right bladder plays an important role for the integrity of the system. Bladders are fragile items in nature and have to be designed with extra protection. Since, it is in direct contact with the water, it effects human life; therefore we offer certified bladders for potable water (drinking water) applications.

ERGIL manufactures;
Butyl Rubber (BR),
Polyurethane (PU),
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) type bladders.
Upon request, we also provide WRAS (UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) & Non-Toxic Certificate.

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Compact Design

ERGIL’s compact skid bladder & compressor type vessels provide all you need on a single skid. ERGIL designs mobile or permanent frames, so moving from one place to another and using it for multiple pipelines is possible.

They are easy to transport from one location to another. Modules can be designed as per the shipping method (sea, road and even air) and the system can be customizable as per working environment to protect against rush weather effects or robbery.

Traditional surge vessel system contraction is costly, takes time, and safety concerns are high, however ERGIL’s mobile modular surge plug and play systems can reduce your project cost and time drastically in addition to eliminating site accidents. Contractors do not need to deal with site installation of such complicated.

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  • Renowned company understanding of surge system design
  • Ensures compliance with Product Equipment Directive & ASME regulations
  • Reduces water leakage
  • Pipeline fatigue and bursts analyze
  • Minimizes risk of contamination in potable water pipes caused by negative pressures
  • Accommodates variable pumping regimes without dumping compressed air
  • Improves your company’s environmental social responsibility and public image
  • Vertical or horizontal types are available
  • The bladder is designed so it can expand to the full size of the vessel. This allows for greater drawdown volumes and less stress on the bladder.
  • The air is trapped in the space between the outside of the bladder and the wall of the vessel. Therefore the liquid is not in contact with the steel walls of the vessel.
  • Depending on the level of cubage in the tank it is possible to design by using minimum 3, maximum 4 legs as optional
  • Design code: ASME and others
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Surge Vessel Models

Bladder Type Surge Vessel

Designed to control surge using a butyl rubber bladder inside the vessel

Compressor Type Surge Vessel

Available in horizontal and vertical configurations

Eşsiz Üretim Tesisi

ERGİL, tasarım, malzeme, imalat ve kurulumda en yüksek kalite standartlarına sahip özel proses ekipmanları, depolama tankları, basınçlı kaplar ve ısı eşanjörleri imalatında lider bir uzmandır.

Mersin’de bulunan 38.000 m²’lik üretim tesisimizde karbon çeliği, paslanmaz çelik, alüminyum ve egzotik alaşımların tasarımı, imalatı ve montajı da dahil olmak üzere kendi bünyemizde özel üretimler sunuyoruz.


We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.

Surge Vessels FAQ's

A surge vessel, also known as a surge drum or surge tank, is a specialized storage vessel designed to manage pressure increases or decreases within a pipeline system. It serves to absorb sudden pressure surges or drops, thereby maintaining a stable pressure within the system and preventing possible damage to the pipeline and associated equipment.
Surge vessels can be broadly categorized into two types: bladder type and compressor type. The choice between the two depends on factors like application, required pressure range, and operational conditions.
Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial for maintaining the optimal operation of surge vessels. This may involve checking for signs of wear or damage, ensuring the integrity of the pressure boundaries, and servicing or replacing the internal bladder if needed.
Safety measures for operating a surge vessel may include regular inspection and maintenance, ensuring proper handling and operation procedures, and implementing safety devices such as pressure relief valves and level gauges.
The standard regulations for surge vessels may vary depending on the region and industry. However, commonly followed standards include those set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Petroleum Institute (API), and European standards (EN).
ERGIL ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and standards by incorporating them into the design, manufacturing, and testing processes. All ERGIL surge vessels undergo rigorous testing and quality control checks to verify their compliance.
ERGIL surge vessels are manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance. Specific certifications may also be available depending on the product and region.
ERGIL provides comprehensive post-purchase support, including installation guidance, operational training, and ongoing maintenance and service. ERGIL prides itself on building strong, long-lasting relationships with its clients to ensure their continued satisfaction.
Yes, ERGIL provides comprehensive training and resources for the operation and maintenance of surge vessels. This includes detailed user manuals, on-site training sessions, and continuous technical support.
Clients should choose ERGIL for their surge vessel needs due to ERGIL's extensive experience, high-quality products, commitment to compliance, and excellent post-purchase support. ERGIL's surge vessels are designed to provide reliable performance while ensuring safety and operational efficiency.

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