ESTA Onshore Gas Development (Natural Gas Early Production Facility) Project 33

ESTA Onshore Gas Development (Natural Gas Early Production Facility) Project

Project Overview and Challenge:

The Midia Gas Development project (MGD project) aims to extract biogenic marine gas from depths of 70 meters in the XV Midia Shallow region from the Ana and Doina gas fields, approximately 120 km offshore from Romania. The project basically covers the extraction of gas from the sea depth, its transfer to the land (onshore) and its processing.

In terms of reservoirs, the Midia Gas Development project (MGD project) consists of the Ana and Doina gas fields (roughly 300 Bcf P50 reserves) which were discovered in 2007 and 1995 respectively. Both are of latest Miocene to Dacian age, shallow, marine sandstone (delta-tops), biogenic gas reservoirs, some 120 km offshore Romania, in the XV Midia Shallow area where the water depths are of 70 meters.

In terms of facilities, the MGD project consists of 5 production wells (1 well at Doina field and 4 wells at Ana field) a subsea gas production system over the Doina well which is connected through an 18 km pipeline with a new unmanned production platform located over Ana field. A 121 km subsea pipeline ensures the delivery of the gas from Ana platform to the shore where it continues with a 4.1 km underground pipeline to the new GTP. The processed gas is delivered into the NTS operated by Transgaz at the gas metering station to be found within the GTP.

Technological support and problem-specific design equipment are of great importance in such large facilities and projects where many critical processes are involved. The biggest challenge of this project is the design of the equipment needed in the size of the project in accordance with this and its safe installation.


The main purpose of the Midia Gas Development Project is not only the extraction of the gas from the sea depth, but also its transfer to the land (shore) and its processing. This facility was established to purify the extracted gas and convert it into utilizable material. Accordingly, basic needs such as the processing and storage of the extracted gas have emerged. Äager Brand ERGIL has been developing special solutions for such large gas fields for 41 years. In this project, Ergil designed various storage tanks and pressure vessels for the Gas Treatment Facility (Early gas production facility) with its competent staff. In addition, the expert team of Ergil took part in the processing, mechanical design and manufacturing stages for the assembly of domestic equipment in accordance with the special requirements of the field.


With this project, specially designed turnkey equipment needed for the safe processing and storage of gas transported by pipelines of tens of kilometers from 5 production wells was provided.
As an Äager Brand, ERGIL produced 4 site erected tanks and 8 pressure vessels (including ladders and platforms) and Lube Oil Vessel for the Gas Treatment Plant (Early gas production facility). In addition, Ergil took place in the processing, mechanical design and manufacturing stages for the assembly of these various storage tanks, pressure vessels and domestic equipment.
These products are an important product group in terms of problem-specific design and production, as well as technical support provided after installation. These aspects require precision and dedication as well as engineering expertise. Understanding customer needs is an important part. It also requires meaningful partnership with the customer as well as between different departments such as sales, engineering design, pricing, production and project coordination. The success of all these stages led to the successful completion of the project.

Technological Process and Main Equipment in the Onshore Gas Development Facility
Site Erected Tanks are;

  • Firewater Tank
  • Rich MEG Storage Tank
  • Lean MEG Storage Tank
  • Diesel Storage Tank
  • *Diesel Storage Tank manufactured & erected on ERGİL factory.

Pressure Vessels are;

  • Compressor Suction Scrubber
  • Compressor Discharge Scrubber
  • LP Vent KO Drum
  • HP Vent KO Drum
  • Closed Drain Drum
  • Rich MEG Flash Drum
  • Instrument Air Receiver
  • Inert Gas Receiver
  • Lube Oil Vessel

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