Pipeline Pigging System

Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver

Pipelines are an essential part of the oil and gas industry and are the primary means of chemicals, gas and liquids transportation such as crude oil, natural gas, and even refined products. However, building a pipeline network is an expensive investment.

Maintaining this investment well and following its security is an important issue. One of the most important tools used in the protection and observation of this important investment are the pig traps.

ERGIL is known one of the most experienced pig launcher and pig receiver manufacturer in the world. ERGIL is capable of manufacturing most advanced skid mounted pigging systems, which included unique jacking system, handling system, and trolley, skid mounted mobile pig launcher and pig receiver systems, environment friendly skid pigging systems.

ERGIL launchers and receivers can be used almost all kind of gas as well as liquid applications. Ergil pig launchers and pig receivers can be designed to accommodate special pig devices.

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All products are engineered according to industry requirements.


Designed to ASME B31.4 , ASME B31.8 and ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Codes.


All welds are 100% inspected and tested. All products are accordingly tested.

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