Pipeline Pigging System

Crucial Part of Your Pipeline Operation Integrity;
Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Safety First

Reliable Pipeline Integrity

Unmatched Efficiency

Unparalleled Cleaning Power

Seamless Compatibility

Uninterrupted Flow

Pipeline Pigging Systems

Pipeline Pigging System

Crucial Part of Your Pipeline Operation Integrity;
Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Pipeline Pigging System

Crucial Part of Your Pipeline Operation Integrity; Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Pipeline pigging systems are the heart and soul of any pipeline. They are the crucial part for the operation. Pipeline pig stations are used for pipeline inspection, cleaning, maintenance and help flow of multiple products at the same time.

Due to the increasing safety, environmental and operational cost, pipeline operation is more expensive than before. Todays’ pipeline operators are looking for more reliable, safe and sustainable solutions.

Thanks to 40 years of experience, ERGIL provides unique solutions for pipeline pigging stations.

Pipeline Pigging Systems

Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Pipeline pigging systems use specialized devices called pigs to clean, inspect, or separate different products within pipelines for efficient and safe operations.

Pipeline Pigging Systems 2

Certified High Pressure Pig Launcher & Receiver

Since 1982, ERGIL has been dedicated to the design and fabrication of high-pressure vessels tailored to meet specific requirements. Among these vessels, the pig launcher & receiver holds paramount importance as a vital component of the pigging system.
Designing and manufacturing high pressure pig launchers & pig receivers requires certain specialization that has to be accredited by industrial authorities.
ERGIL designs and manufactures pressure vessels up to 690 bar with maximum thickness 150 mm.

Pipeline Pigging Systems 3

Modular Skid Pig Launcher & Receiver Systems

Our fabrication facility and personnel are certified with ASME U, S, R, NBR, GOST, AD 2000/ISO 3834, EN 1090-1, EN ISO 3834-2, & DNV GL + ABS Marine Welding Class Program and capable of designing and manufacturing as per ASME, EN, GOST & as per end user requirements; such Shell DEP.

ERGIL’s modular pigging stations provide all you need on a single skid. ERGIL designs mobile or permanent frames with adjustable height mechanisms, so moving from one place to another and using it for multiple pipelines is possible.

Pipeline Pigging Systems 4
Pipeline Pigging Systems 5

Support & Delivery

They are easy to transport from one location to another. Modules can be designed as per the shipping method (sea, road and even air) and the system can be customizable as per working environment to protect against rush weather effects or robbery.

Traditional pigging system contraction is costly, takes time, and safety concerns are high, however ERGIL’s mobile modular skid pig launcher & receiver plug and play systems can reduce your project cost and time drastically in addition to eliminating site accidents. Contractors do not need to deal with site installation of such complicated systems.

Pipeline Pigging System Models

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Smart & Safe Pigging, Stations

Quick Opening Closure Rx1

Effortless opening and closing mechanism

Quick Opening Closure Rx2

Vertical or horizontal configuration options

Pig Handling System

Efficient handling, loading, and unloading of pigs

Pig Signaller

Available in visual and remote indication options

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Pipeline Pigging System FAQ's

Pipeline Pigging Systems 34

The components of a pigging system typically include the pig launcher, the pig receiver, the pig (cleaning device), pipeline, and the system of valves and traps facilitating the pig's movement through the pipeline.

what is pigging systemPipeline Pigging Systems refer to the process and equipment used for the cleaning and maintenance of pipelines using a device called a pig.
pigging process work

Pipeline transport uses a practice called pigging. It is the use of pipeline inspection gauges or instruments, commonly called pigs or skimmers, to perform many maintenance operations. It is an important process that is done without stopping the product flow in the pipeline. Pigging is used to clean and maintain large diameter pipelines, especially in the oil industry.

is it necessary to pig a pipeline

The pigging process involves inserting the pig into a pig launcher, which is then launched into the pipeline. The pig travels along the pipeline, cleaning it or inspecting it as it moves along. It is then received at the other end by the pig receiver.

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