General Terms and Conditions of Purchase


  1. It is buyer’s responsibiliy to check the technical offer details and order as per their requirement.
  2. All test and inspection as per ERGIL™ standard.
  3. ERGIL™ will not provide general arragement drawing upon receipt of order for approval, unless it is required by the buyer.
  4. Quality plan will not be provided for standard products.
  5. Welding and NDT documentation is not considered.Please advice if required.
  6. Products dimension and weight information that are mentioned in ERGIL™ catalogs are subject to change.


  1. Delivery Time: This period of time is due to normal working conditions and periods. Extraordinary conditions and force majur delays will be
    added to the period of time. Delivery time does not starts before receipt of purchase order, and advance payment. If you have a change of
    order, the price and the delivery time will be determined again after your approval of the change of order. Time change cannot be signified as
    delay. Upon cancelation of the order, the term that is mentioned on cluase 10 applies.
  2. Within 7 (seven) days after the approval of order you need to pay the advance payment, otherwise ERGIL™ has right to cancel the order
    2.1. After the delivery announcement, if there is still pending payment, then monthly storage fand late delivery fees will apply.
  3. Orders that are not picked up by buyer after 2 months will be considered cancelled and charges will apply.
  4. Guarantee period; is (1) year beginning with the delivery date. Within this period of time, any defect of material or any defect caused by
    labor, will be accepted by our company with a technical report. One of the below possibilities will be applied.
    4.1. Changing with the new.
    4.2. Repairing and changing spare parts
    If the service- maintenance contract is signed the guarantee period can be extended to (1) year. The defects within this period are due to
    service contract. If the service conditions are not satisfied or if the normal operating conditions are not fulfilled and the operating instructions
    are not applied, there will be no obligation.
  5. Insurance is a must for the delivery and for the other conditions. If it is not mentioned with the proforma or with the L/C the insurance fee
    belongs to the one giving order.Orders can be given including the insurance also. The insurance fee will be submitted to the price then.
  6. If the order is canceled, according to the below conditions, the order is canceled and it is supposed that the cancellation compensation is
  7. 7.1. For the orders that have delivery time less than three weeks, if the order is canceled, no cancellation compensation will be applied.
    7.2. For the orders that have delivery time more than three weeks, below conditions will be applied:
    a. If canceled after a week, 10 %
    b. If canceled after two weeks 20 %
    c. If canceled after three weeks 30 %
    d. Cancellations later than three weeks, 40 % of the contract.
    7.3. Scope; includes the conditions on the proforma.
  8. If there is any conflict between, the records of Ergil Group Ltd. will be accepted and for the solution Istanbul courts and court of claims will be
    in charge.
  9. All prices are indicative and subject to change according common commodity indexes ( LME Aluminium, LME Nickel, Steelorbis) within offer
    validity date. ERGIL beholds the right to modify the prices without a notice. Buyer has to approve design maximum in 2 weeks. If it exceeds 2
    weeks, ERGIL has right to reflect any material price increase