Storage Tank Equipment

Emission Control & Safety for Land,
Marine & Road Storage Tanks

Strong and Secure

Built to withstand the toughest conditions

Reliable and Efficient

Ensuring uninterrupted supply and operations

Capacity at its Best

Storing vast quantities without compromise

Storage Tank Equipment 33

Storage Tank Equipment

Emission Control & Safety for Land,
Marine & Road Storage Tanks

Storage Tank Equipment

New Generation Storage Tank Terminals; Safe, Environmental and Sustainable

Since 1983, ERGIL, through its ERGIL StorageTech™ brand, has supplied the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries with high quality tank storage equipment. From a modern manufacturing plant in Mersin, Turkey, ERGIL StorageTech™ produces a range of storage tank internal equipment, such as floating suction system, oil skimmers, and external floating roof drain systems, and mechanical level indicators, firefighting equipment.

Designed to safeguard the integrity of storage tanks. StorageTech™ products are designed serve for extreme conditions to provide best safety choice for its clients. ERGIL seeks to provide its customers with competitive pricing, outstanding performance, and environmental protection. Its manufacturing location has access to the biggest port in Turkey, railway, and good road facilities, making it ideal for serving worldwide.





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One of a Kind Fabrication Facility

ERGIL is a leading expert in fabrication of custom process equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels and heat exchangers with the highest quality standards of design, material, fabrication and installation.

We offer in-house custom production including design, fabrication and installation of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and exotic alloys in our 38,000 m² manufacturing facility located at Mersin on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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Silencers FAQ's

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An industrial silencer, also known as a muffler, is a device used to reduce or control the noise produced by industrial equipment and processes. It is designed to attenuate or absorb sound waves generated by engines, compressors, generators, blowers, and other machinery, thereby minimizing the negative impact of noise on workers, the environment, and surrounding communities. Industrial silencers typically consist of sound-absorbing materials and acoustically engineered components that help reduce noise levels to compliant and acceptable standards.

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Industrial silencers and mufflers are used to control and mitigate the unwanted noise generated by various industrial processes, including engines, compressors, generators, and blowers.

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Industries such as power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, and pulp & paper often face noise-related issues and rely on industrial silencers to address them effectively.

ERGIL's 40 years of silencer experience, dedicated professionals, research and development team, and in-house design and calculation software enable them to provide high-performing industrial silencers, vent silencers, exhaust silencers, and mufflers.

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