Being leader in manufacturing better, safer, and economical products

Contribute positively to our communities and environments well as to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction through the highest standards of excellence in our products and services, and comprehensive environmental regulations. Working everyday for the creation of better products that protects environment, people and assets.


Happy Customers Matter Most To Us

We are customer orientated company. We listen, learn and benefit from their feed-back. We are honest, open-minded, and reliable. We always keep our values in mind and constantly work hard to turn our passion into reality.

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People are our most important asset

We do things in different way. We value humor, loyalty, creativity, and encourage our people to take responsibility. We let them take initiative. And, we enjoy our job.

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Our History

Our history begins in 1983 and goes on together with all our parties.

Ergil at One Look

40 years old manufacturing and engineering
Ergil is focusing to deliver highest quality critical industrial products to support our customers for rapidly changing challenges.

Our factory is strategically located in Mersin on the Mediterranean cost of southern Turkey. Mersin owns the largest sea port in Turkey. Strategically located offices to meet the local an international needs of domestic and overseas clients. All-in-one state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with capacity and ability to manufacture storage tanks and their equipment. Over 35 years of experience with operations all over the world.

Cultural diversity: Our dedicated diversified professional staff contributes to our success and prosperity.

People Oriented

People-oriented approach: At ERGIL, we attribute our success and prosperity to our dedicated and diverse team of professionals. We actively listen, learn, and benefit from our customers’ feedback. We conduct our business with honesty, open-mindedness, and reliability, always keeping our values in mind and working tirelessly to transform our passion into reality.

Our Capabilities

ERGIL’s capabilities encompass a wide range of expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing critical industrial products. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced professionals, and a commitment to quality, we deliver innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

Main Projects

We are proud to be a part of all sectors with our solutions for storage tank equipments.


Ergil actively engages with its clients through participation in international fairs and congresses, providing valuable opportunities for connection and collaboration. Additionally, the brand offers informative webinars to ensure ongoing communication and knowledge sharing.