Intrusive Pig Launcher and Receiver with Pig Passage Indicator 36

Intrusive Pig Launcher and Receiver with Pig Passage Indicator

AagerGmbH brand ERGIL designs and manufactures non-intrusive pig launcher and receiver pig passage indicators ( pig signalers) for more than 40 years. ERGIL pig signalers are designed to operate harsh pipeline operations. It comes with complete stainless steel and special alloy options to prevent against corrosion for on-shore and off-shore operations. Connected high pressure valve helps to remove the pig signal under pressure. This helps operators to continue pigging operations without any time loss, and pig signal can be maintained and inspected during pipeline operations, if necessary. As per the customer requirement, pig signaler also can be integrated with electrical signal switch in order to signal main control room for remote control as oppose to visual control.

What is a pipeline pig ?
A pig is made mainly made of polyurethane foam, and various type of plastics for cleaning the pipeline. There are also mechanical intelligent pigs that are used for pipeline inspection.
How does non-intrusive pig signal works ?
Every time a pig passes under the pig signaler, mechanical mechanism help metal flag to open or electrical switch sends signals to the main control room.

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