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Aluminum Pressure Chamber

Special Aluminum Pressure Chamber has been designed with advanced engineering technology to resist all pressure differences in order to be a life module of any living space in the space environment to use as a space module in the space environment by using highly equipped and special engineering techniques.

Manufactured using 100% aluminum material; while the walls are made into spheres, the weld joints are subjected to quality control with precision and penetr visual test and liquid penetrant test ”are approved for external factors. Special Aluminum Pressure Vessel, which passed these tests successfully, was then subjected to an air test with 2 bar pressure and its conformity with the prescribed design parameters was confirmed.

Ergil’s manufacturing and design capabilities for more than 40 years underlie the successful processes. Special design molds developed by our experienced production engineers and technicians were used for the twisting, manufacturing and welding processes of the sphere. During the welding process, TS EN ISO 15614-1, which is the EN European Norm Welded Manufacturing Standard, has been meticulously applied to the quality requirements for fusion welding of TS EN ISO 3834-2 metallic materials together with the determination and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.

Aluminum Pressure Chamber 34

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All products are engineered according to industry requirements.


Designed to ASME B31.4 , ASME B31.8 and ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Codes.


All welds are 100% inspected and tested. All products are accordingly tested.

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