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40 years of experience here to help. Ergil manufactures storage tank equipment, such as flame arresters, breather valves, gauge hatches, floating roofs, and floating suction pipe with many more products. Supporting its customers with technology-oriented approach and experienced team, Ergil is a leader in its field with better, safer and economical solutions.

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people oriented

Ergil, which adapts rapidly to the developing technology, offers you remedies with its well-equipped infrastructure, quality and devoted team. It knows that there is a strong team spirit behind each successful results. Ergil cares about the satisfaction of its employees with the positive working atmosphere it provides. Believing in the power of team strength and team collaboration, Ergil aims to provide a comfortable work environment for its employees in order to position itself as a leader.

Ergil team does not stop working in discipline, and works hard to achieve better and more efficient results. It always aims forward with the pleasure of production and development.

Let's listen to working at Ergil from its employees:

Can Ocal, Marketing & Communication Manager Can Ocal Marketing & Communication Manager

Ergil offers a working environment where it is possible to make a difference and to be inspired. Here, it is inevitable for people to improve themselves and gain new perspectives. I am very glad to work at Ergil, who considers the satisfaction of both its employees and customers with the opportunities it provides. Here, there is an environment that supports team spirit and strengthens determination. I and my team are happy to be a part of this huge team.

Mustafa Kaan Eroglu, Visual Design Specialist Mustafa Kaan Eroglu Visual Design Specialist

The most important thing I have observed since I started working at Ergil is the friendly environment it provides. Everyone here is in dialogue with each other and does not hesitate to help each other. We know that the most important thing drives the team is that people support each other in every situation. Here I find a great opportunity to develop my creativity and this inevitably reflects on my designs. There is no reason not to create better designs with the energy I get.

Hayriye Yetis, Marketing Assistant Hayriye Yetis Marketing Assistant

It has been a very short time since I started working at Ergil. Despite this, I was able to adapt to the process and environment in a short time. My team and my colleagues have a big role in this. Since the first day I started working, I have observed that the environment is quite dynamic and suitable for self-improvement. This excites me and allows me to easily overcome the difficulties of the adaptation process.

As Ergil, we are here for a stronger and brighter tomorrow. We work hard as a team and are happy to dedicate ourselves to our work. We believe in the power of production and goodness and struggle to be the best.

Have an Exciting Career!

Give your career a boost, by aiming for the right job. We at ERGIL want to provide that platform to our employees where they can build an exciting career for themselves. If you’re talented and looking for opportunities in the oil and gas sector, then ERGIL is the company to be.

Apply for an existing job opening or simply drop your cv. We will contact you if your qualifications, skill set match our job criteria. We recruit year-round. But competition for positions is strong, so we encourage early applications.